flamenco guitar negra by Fidel

Fidel Siles flamenco guitar negra HG Series 2020- video

This flamenco guitar negra (2020 HG Series) provides very intense punch, plenty of harmonics, great volume (loudness) and is very comfortable to play (with a room for further adjustments – no buzz right now). There is a beautyfull reddish binding and red&black rozette. The headstock is also very stylish.


This is the fourth guitar in a short Silas’ carieer as a luthier. Nevertheless this guitar shows the luthier’s talent to make guitars of great construction with, as a result, powerfull sound with instant attack and big punch. This guitar, when tested by local flamenco players, was decribed as a great performance guitar for such an emotional music as flamenco: “the sound just burst of it” as one player said.

Flamenco guitar negra Fidel Siles HG 2020 spec:

  • Top: spruce
  • Body: Indian rosewood
  • Scale: 650mm
  • Nut: 52mm (44mm spread)
  • Bridge: rosewood, very flat, 12 holes
  • Nice Cibeles hard case included.

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Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 120 × 50 × 25 cm

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