Classical guitar by Michele Della Giustina No 423

Michele Della Giustina concert #423 – 2024

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Classical guitar by Michele Della Giustina – legendary Italian luthier blending tradition with innovative modern solutions.

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Michele Della Giustina concert #423 – 2024 specification:

  • scale: 644mm
  • nut: 52mm (bone)
  • saddle: buffalo horn
  • top: Alpine spruce
  • body: wild Indian rosewood
  • weight: 1377g
  • tuners: Pagos
  • strings: Knobloch EDC 34.0
  • case: Cibeles (canary yellow)
  • origin: Italy
  • condition: new

The Michele Della Giustina guitar, constructed in 2024 with serial number 423, showcases the luthier’s dedication to innovative craftsmanship and acoustic excellence. This instrument features a cedar top and wild Indian rosewood for the back and sides, paired with a khaya mahogany neck, enhances its sound quality and aesthetic appeal. The Pagos black aluminum tuners and Knobloch Erithacus CX edc 34.0 strings complement the superior build, ensuring precise tuning and a vibrant tonal palette. Housed in an Cibeles case, this guitar is built in the style famously used by Uros Baric in his acclaimed videos, designed to deliver a sound that is both natural and liberating, rich in color, and capable of a broad dynamic range.

The 645/51 scale/nut ratio, a specification increasingly sought after by guitarists and personally endorsed by Della Giustina, signifies a shift towards enhanced playability without compromising the guitar’s acoustic properties. This ratio exemplifies the luthier’s forward-thinking approach, aiming to meet the evolving preferences of contemporary musicians. The double top technique, devoid of a traditional core, allows for an exceptionally responsive and flexible top, facilitating a sound that is free-flowing and rich in nuances. This Michele Della Giustina creation is not just an instrument but a reflection of his innovative vision, blending traditional techniques with modern demands to offer guitarists a tool that excels in both performance and sound quality.

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Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 25 × 50 × 115 cm

1 in stock

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