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Carlos Amplification is the official name of the company run by Juan Carlos – the greatest guitar pickup enthusiast ever! Carlos pickups are innovative pickup systems which are or have been used by guitar “gods” such as Eric Clapton, Pat Metheny, Gary Moore, George Benson, Tomatito, Vicente Amigo, Al Di Meola, just to name a few. Its “flagship” models are VIP DM (dual piezo + microphone system) and CS Sensor – easy to install, but a strong “sticker” that does not require any holes in the guitar. He also handmades a great acoustic combo amplifier which we are lucky to posses (I don’t believe it can be just bought).

The Carlos pickups have been tested on numerous occasions, on stages, in recording studios and at countless events … Their great feature is that they don’t produce any of the feedback signals that are so annoying to many sound engineers. Carlos’s pickups are handcrafted, so there are never enough of them to satisfy the market – sometimes you’ll have to wait to get your Carlos pickup. But it’s worth it!

Carlos pickups in action

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