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Here we present our choice of guitar accesories. Choice made by quality and usability. There are not many products as we do not want to compete with big guitar centers. We present hidden gems unseen at marketplaces. 

Remember to keep your fine guitar in proper storage compartment and at optimum humidity level – we strongly recommend using BOVEDA 49% system for that. For every day cleanign, fretboard and tuners care we have something really special – Turkowiak Guitar Maintenance Kit – gentle and effective cleanign agents which may be used even with the most delicate finish (like french polish). If your guitar has a 6 hole bridge you can improve it by using guitar beads which improve the angle at which the string presses the saddle what improves the sound of your beloved instrument. If you want to amp up your custom guitar, you can equip it with the world’s best pickup handcrafted by Juan Carlos in Spain – the VIP DM is great for both steel and nylon string guitars. Or use CS Sensor if you don’t want to drill any holes in your unique instrument.

Carlos pickups in action

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