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We believe you love your guitar(s) as much as we do. They deserve only the best maintenance products out there. 

Keeping your guitar safe and in perfect playing condition is what you do with it when you’re not playing it. It sounds weird, but it’s true. Keeping it in a safe place, such as a guitar case, and maintaining the proper level of humidity in which it is stored is key to proper guitar care.

If you are not playing the guitar, it is best to keep it in its case. It’s the best way to keep it safe when you’re not playing. Guitars look great on a tripod, but if they tip over, there’s more to the risk than just being hit or dented. If you choose to store your guitar (s) on a wall mount or hanger, be sure to carefully monitor the humidity in the room. Controlling the environment inside the guitar case is much easier to maintain and is what we recommend. 

Special care should be taken when the guitar is a subject of drastic temperature changes. Do not leave your beloved fine guitar in too hot or too cold environment. If it is unavoidable give your guitar time when brought to new environemnt to slowly adjust to temperature by leaving it in its case for several hours. Never leave your guitar in sun heated car. 

Read more about guitar care in our Guitar Care Guide


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