BOVEDA 49% Humidity Control, 2-Way, Starterkit, Large

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Thanks to its unique 2-way system, BOVEDA is not only able to accumulate humidity in the air, but is also capable of correcting any change in humidity. This means that your guitar can be stored optimally for the long term – quite simply in an instrument case.

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More and more manufacturers of high quality instruments trust BOVEDA from the factory.

We keep the entire collection in stock for you.

Starter Kits contain all the essential parts for complete humidity control of your instrument.

Boveda starter kit large, contains:

  • 3x 49% / 70 g packs
  • 1x double package holders, 1x single package holder for large instruments such as double bass, cello, classical and acoustic guitars and basses, bassoon or bass clarinet.

Takes the work out of controlling moisture from wood instruments: fretted, bowed, or wind. Automatically humidifies and dehumidifies, no matter what your instrument environment requires.

No more foams, hoses, and sponges that require constant attention and can damage an instrument, affect sound and playability, and lead to costly repairs.

Achieves and maintains a constant relative humidity (RH) range of 45% to 55%, the safe zone for your guitar.

Uses only pure water and all-natural salts sealed within a leak-proof membrane.

How to use Boveda in your guitar case:

  1. Remove plastic wrapper. (Do not open the pad itself.)
  2. Just slip unwrapped pad into the pouch(es) of its leak-resistant fabric holder(s). (A Boveda protective holder is soft, like a polishing cloth.)
  3. Place in case and close the lid. Always keep your guitar case closed when using humidity control system.

Peace of mind for months! Initially, Boveda has recovery work, so your first Boveda won’t last as long as subsequent ones. After your first game, Boveda will last 2-6 months, depending on the time of year, your weather, and your case. Replace when stiff.


Size Large is perfect for acoustic, classical and flmenco guitars (and this kind of instruments). Includes: 3 Size 70 Boveda 49% RH and 1 double (2-pouch) and one single (1-pouch) fabric holders: 12.5″ x 4.25″ (unfolded); 6.625″ x 4.25″ (folded)

Always insert Boveda into a bag of fabric holder before placing it in an instrument case. Do not mix different levels of RH within the same instrument case. And don’t use this sytem in the same case with other humidification products because they will fight each other and reduce efficiency.

Read more about BOVEDA humidity control system here.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 25 × 20 cm

10 in stock (can be backordered)

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