Custom guitar stand No 3

Custom guitar stand – golden walnut #3

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Raise your guitar with our walnut stand, handmade in Poland. Gold resin accents add a touch of sophistication. Safe, stylish and proudly made in Poland.

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Introducing our premium guitar stand, meticulously crafted in Poland from solid walnut wood and adorned with luxurious golden resin accents. This stand exemplifies the epitome of craftsmanship and sophistication, providing a perfect showcase for your cherished instrument.

Artfully designed, this guitar stand exudes elegance with its solid walnut construction, skillfully bringing out the natural beauty of the wood grain. Moreover, the addition of golden resin accents not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also lends a touch of opulence to your musical space.

Crafted by highly skilled artisans, this stand ensures a secure and stylish resting place for your guitar. The sturdy build guarantees stability, offering both practical functionality and an aesthetic boost to your room. Every meticulous detail reflects the unwavering dedication to quality and precision that characterizes the artistry of our Polish craftsmen.

More than just a utilitarian accessory, this guitar stand is a statement piece that elevates the ambiance of your musical environment. Immerse yourself in the harmonious combination of solid walnut and golden resin, a testament to the seamless fusion of nature’s beauty and human craftsmanship.

Proudly made in Poland, this guitar stand represents our commitment to excellence in design and construction. Embrace the artful synergy of solid walnut and golden resin, and let your guitar find its perfect perch in this exceptional stand that flawlessly combines form and function.

Custom guitar stand – golden oak #5 specification:

  • wood: oak and golden resin
  • total height: 110cm
  • weight: 5,5kg / 10 pounds
  • fits: classical guitar, acousitc guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar.
  • origin: Poland

The stand is delivered in two parts that require assembly. Screws included.

Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 115 × 25 × 50 cm

1 in stock

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