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Modern tradition
Lukas Sedlacek making a guitar

Lukas in his workshop

…comes from middle Moravia in the Czech Republic, from the city of Olomouc. As a child, he was surrounded by many crafts, which he is familiar with to this day. Lates he trained to become a cabinetmaker. He began to deal professionally with musical instruments in 2001 at the school of violinmaking in Luby (until 1945 known in the world as Schönbach, the cradle of violinmaking in the Czech Republic). The guitars he offers are built by hand, according to traditional craftsmanship methods and proven technologies. The main field he deals with is the construction of acoustic archtops and flattop guitars.


“I’ve enjoyed craftsmanship with materials and construction since childhood. It’s a kind of a communication with the surroundings, comfortable leaving their own craft traces contribution to the discussion of the development of modern musical instruments – classical or jazz guitar. My goal in life is to create work based on visuals and workmanship of master luthiers and also will serve as a support for the next generation of this craft. “

Your own vision is important

Each handcrafted instrument has its own identity, made up of both the type and quality factor of the materials used and the demiurge’s experience. Last but not least, the player’s personal approach to the instrument is important to take into account as well.

The production of a guitar from the workshop of Lukáš Sedláček is usually preceded by a prolonged communication between the guitar maker and the customer.

“The standard sound schemes offered by me across the entire model range undoubtedly meet the requirements of modern and supporting sound. I really like to use Dolomite or Carpathian spruce on the tops. I love working with Honduran mahogany, maple and other woods. I like it when you give the wood space and gradually intense play reminds you of its qualities. According to me, the purpose is not to make an instrument with a bombastic sound, which you will eventually throw away due to a defect in the top, loss of sound, or whatever”.

Every model produced in its workshop meets the most demanding requirements for stability, mechanical and acoustic properties and the quality of the design. Lukas makes wonderfull concert classical guitars, student classical guitars and flamenco negra and blanca guitars. 

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interior of the guitar by Lukas Sedlacek

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