Andalusian Guitars flamenco guitar

Andalusian Guitars flamenco guitar Santos Hernandez 1927w (with Carlos CS Sensor)

Andalusian Guitars represent avant-garde guitars made in Spain. After mastered the traditional standards of icons like Francisco Simplicio, Marcelo Barbero and Santos Hernández, their luthiers team re-defines a different style of flamenco guitars with unprecedented features in sound, design and raw materials, therefore innovating beyond the Torres canons. This guitar is equipped with Carlos CS sensor so is stage ready!


Flamenco guitar Andalusian Guitars:

Model: Santos Hernández 1927
Top: German Spruce
Bridge / Fingerboard: Maple
Back and Sides: Ovangkol
Color: Orange
Scale: 660mm
Pickup: Carlos CS sensor

This flamenco guitar is set-up very low, with some string buzz. Very comfortable to play. String pulsation can be adjusted on request – just tell us how you like it!

Thanks to the soundport, player can hear exactly what his audience hears while playing making it super satisfying.

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 120 × 50 × 25 cm

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