grand auditorium acoustic guitar by Rafal TUrkowiak

Rafał Turkowiak Grand Auditorium acoustic guitar #354 – video

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True grand auditorium acoustic guitar – sound like a cannon! Solid spruce top from  Alpine Spruce from Tirol. Sides and back made of Black and White Ebony with sapwood.

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Specification of the grand auditorium acoustic guitar #354:

  • Solid spruce top – Alpine Spruce from Tirol (Master Grade),
  • Sides and back made of Black and White Ebony with sapwood (Master Grade)
  • Elevated exotic ebony fingerboard (Master Grade), R16 “with compensation,
  • The world’s first 8th generation “WAVE” type resonator
  • The world’s first sides and back made of “HIGH-TECH PRESS” third generation resonance wood
  • The world’s first neck with acoustic tubes “ACOUSTIC TUBES” (Patent – “Acoustic Tubes” European Patent
    Office EP 3340231)
  • The world’s first “Bridge Bridge” decorated with natural American and natural buffalo bone
    Baltic amber – (Master Grade) (Patent European Union Intellectual Property Office 008177463-002)
  • The world’s first ‘SIGMOID’ joining the sides of a guitar (Patent European Union Intellectual Property Office
  • Special chemical-ceramic coating on the back and sides in the middle of the guitar for better sound projection from the box,
  • 14 frets for the box,
  • Modern head (open) with asymmetric key positions
  • C-shape neck made of Master Grade, with a dual double-action rod
  • Rosette inlaid with exotic ebony and natural Baltic amber
  • Armrest integrated with the soundboard,
  • Solid ebony wood overlays on the guitar head with a natural Baltic amber logo,
  • The nut made of natural bone, manually profiled and polished, 44.5 mm wide,
  • Saddle made of natural bone, hand-profiled and polished, ‘semi-scalloped’,
  • Single precise gold guitar reeds with white mother-of-pearl screw reinforcements,
  • Markers dividing the measure made of natural bone – fi 1.5 mm into 3, 5, 7, 9, 12 (double), 15 positions
  • High-resonance, antistatic varnish acc. To own recipe, hand-polished, high-gloss
  • 18% silver-nickel frets
  • 25.5 “(647.7 mm) gauge
  • Martin 0.11 strings
  • 1-piece lower golpeador made of wood: Ebony Black and White
  • 2 x ebony clip for attaching a belt with a natural Baltic amber logo,
  • Lifetime warranty (details in the warranty card),
  • Guitar hard case.

Read more about Rafał here. 

Turkowiak guitars webiste here. 

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Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 120 × 50 × 25 cm

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