Acoustic dreadnought guitar by Sergiusz Stańczuk

Stanczuk dreadnought acoustic guitar Dorr-30D

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Discover Sergiusz Stańczuk’s dream guitar, crafted with a 200-year-old spruce from an antique piano and CITES-certified Brazilian rosewood. This exquisite acoustic guitar boasts unparalleled beauty and exceptional sound quality.


Introducing the dream guitar by Sergiusz Stańczuk, a masterpiece of luthier artistry that combines history, craftsmanship, and exceptional tonal qualities. This remarkable acoustic guitar features a top crafted from 200-year-old Carl Dorr spruce, originally sourced from an antique piano, and a body made of CITES-certified Brazilian rosewood. The result is a guitar of exquisite beauty with a rich, powerful sound and almost endless sustain.

The Stańczuk dreadnought acoustic guitar Dorr-30D boasts a classic dreadnought body shape with 14 frets to the body, offering a balanced and robust sound projection. The top is adorned with the rare and aged Carl Dorr spruce, providing a unique character and resonance to the instrument. The body is crafted from luxurious Brazilian rosewood, known for its beautiful grain patterns and exceptional tonal properties.

The guitar features a bone nut and saddle, along with an ebony fingerboard, bridge, and binding, enhancing the instrument’s overall playability and aesthetic appeal. The rosette is intricately designed with ebony, while the purfling showcases a combination of abalone and white mother of pearls, adding a touch of elegance to the guitar’s design.

Equipped with Gotoh golden tuning machines with a 1:21 ratio, the Stańczuk Dorr-30D ensures precise and stable tuning. The neck is made of mahogany and is paired with extra hard 2.1 mm frets, providing a smooth and comfortable playing experience. The guitar is finished with a nitro natural glossy finish, highlighting the natural beauty of the wood.

Additional features include ebony and abalone string pins, silver (925) and ebony fret markers, and Elixir 12-53 strings, delivering a balanced and articulate tone. The guitar comes with a hard case for safe storage and transportation.

Each guitar is meticulously crafted by Sergiusz Stańczuk, reflecting his passion for lutherie and dedication to creating instruments of exceptional quality. The pickguard is currently separated but can be installed upon request by any luthier, offering customization options to suit the player’s preference.

Experience the unparalleled craftsmanship and breathtaking beauty of the Sergiusz Stańczuk dream guitar, a true gem for guitar enthusiasts and collectors alike. Immerse yourself in the full story of this extraordinary instrument and discover the artistry and skill behind its creation.

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Stanczuk dreadnought acoustuc guitar Dorr-30D specification:

  • body shape: dreadnought 14 frets to body
  • top: Carl Dorr spruce (app. 200 years old)
  • body: Brazilian rosewood (with CITES)
  • nut: bone, 43mm
  • saddle: bone
  • binding: ebony
  • rozette: ebony
  • fingerboard: ebony
  • purfling: abalone and white mother of pearls
  • tuning machines: Gotoh golden, ratio 1:21
  • scale: 650mm
  • neck: mahogany
  • frets: extra hard 2.1 mm
  • finish: nitro natural, glossy
  • bridge: ebony
  • string pins: ebony and abalone
  • frets markers: silver (925) and ebony
  • Strings: elixir 12-53
  • Hard case included
  • Year: 2024
  • Origin: Poland

Pickguard is now separated. Can be installed on request at any time by any luthier.

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Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 115 × 25 × 50 cm

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