Furch acoustic guitar OOM-32-SM

Furch acoustic guitar OOM-32-SM with LR Baggs Anthem SI (2006) – sound sample

Used acoustuc guitar Furch in great shape equipped with pro pickup LR Baggs Anthem SI. Great for fingerstyle and general strumming. Smaller, comfortable body with rich sound.


Great acoustic guitar from the Czech Furch label. Perfectly played/opened and perfectly maintained. Equipped with a professional pickup Anthem SI. No repairs, no breaks, no cracks nor even larger scratches – only minimal traces of use, treated with care and now  ready for more serious playing.

Acoustic guitar Furch model OOM-32-SM Specification

Top: sitka spruce
Body: maghony
Nut: 45mm
Scale: 650mm
Strings span at the bridge: 55mm
Pulsation: very low, great for fingrstyle
Body lenght: 495mm
Body widht: 260mm (upper bout) i 360mm (lower bout)
Body depth: 87mm and 100mm accordingly.
Note: back of the neck was sanded matt at some point for better handling (like at violin or cello) – see pictures.
Transport guitar case included.
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Furch guitars:

The creative path of every musician marks the search for a characteristic style, a style reflecting the player’s musical identity. All musicians try to be unique, unusual and original and require the same features from the musical instruments that they play. The desire to be original was the driving force of the creation of guitars fury.

The history of FURCH guitars began long before the official establishment of the company. In the seventies Frantisek Furch, a metal worker at the day and musician at night, stood up to the total inaccessibility of high -quality musical instruments in the then socialist Czechoslovakia. Because the import of an instrument from abroad was too complicated and excessively expensive, he resorted to his skills related to metal processing and used the old drum to make his first banjo. A few years later, Frantisek also created his first acoustic guitar in a round style, with a spruce upper plate from an old piano. The response of other musicians to his first guitar was very favorable and prompted a large number of friends of Frantiska to order a guitar from him. Initially, Frantisek made several prototypes of round guitars, a type that was very popular at that time and was very popular, generating even greater interest in his instruments.

Although the former communist regime forbade any private entrepreneurial activity, the passion of Frantiska for musical innovations and high -quality production on the one hand, and the demand of musicians for non -standard instruments on the other turned out to be much stronger. In 1981, Frantisek opposed the authorities and created a sole proprietorship based on the garage to produce musical instruments with the “F” trademark, which he decorated, with some modifications, Furch guitar headers to this day.

In the 1980s, Frantisek created about 100 instruments, mainly round guitars with a complex parabolic body, as well as several mandolines. Frantiska’s work brought him a reputation of a first -class guitar builder on the Czech music scene, and his instruments became the choice of many of the best musicians. Despite the various restrictions imposed by the former regime, Frantisek was able to maintain his activity in the field of guitar production and flourish.

The milestone in the history of Furcha’s guitars took place in 1989, when the velvet revolution led to the breakdown of communism in Czechoslovakia, allowing Frantisek to realize his vision in an unlimited way. In 1990, the guitar store was moved from the garage of the FURCH family home to factory workshops with an area of about 20 square meters, and Frantisek hired his first employee.

At the beginning of the 90s, the entire production of FURCH guitars was sold only on the Czech market. The assortment, which was still involved in round guitars, was supplemented with a new line of Siluetone models, with which Frantisek made to understand that his projects would be unique, independent and in many respects unconventional.

Over time, the constantly growing demand prompted Furch guitars to transfer production to a much larger space, in which the complex from the 16th century in the municipality of Velke Nemcice turned out to be an optimal solution. In 1992, Furch Guitars rented part of the building for the first time, and later, in 2000, she bought the entire property and moved the entire production infrastructure there.

The year 1993 brought the first serious restructuring of FURCH guitar models. When the players of the players moved away from the round design, the fury guitars began to satisfy the growing demand for wooden guitars, offering three basic body shapes-Dreadnought, Small Jumbo and Super Jumbo. Similarly, the company’s portfolio was supplemented with the Silueton Drive model, an avant -garde stage guitar with a double round body and a switching combination of humbucker and Piezo pickup from Piezo.

In 1998, the FURCH guitar line was additionally enlarged by adding Blueshand, Rockhand and Jazzhand models, which contained uneven arched backs, an element that became one of the focal points in the design and construction of fury instruments in the following years.

Fury Fury gradually spreads to other countries, because the demand began to grow rapidly. In response, Frantisek continued to increase production capacity, and until 1999 the company had as many as 25 employees. In the same year, Furch guitars opened their first brand store in Brno and made significant changes in the structure of guitar models. Furch guitars have introduced completely new guitar lines on New Century-The Millennium Series, which offered a modern, fresh look and vintage series that developed a traditional project. Both of these model lines remained the core of the Furch guitar portfolio up to the present. Three years later, the guitar’s furch introduced the prototype of Little Jane Kids, which was completely redesigned in 2010, and now has a unique travel -friendly structure, which can be quickly dismantled and re -assembled without tools, while the instrument remains in the melody.

In 2003, the guitars Furch bought the rest of the mill in Velke Nemcice. The whole complex underwent extensive reconstruction, in which the goal was to create appropriate premises and facilities for all current and future production needs. The reconstruction also allowed the creation of new departments, in particular the research and development department, which was attributed to responsibility for the development of new projects and unique technical solutions. In 2005, the research and development team began research aimed at optimizing the concentration and properties of the upper guitar plate. The efforts were crowned by the introduction of a new upper album project, which in 2008 performed serial production. Over the years, intensive research has resulted in several unique technologies, which further improved design and sound, enabling guitars fury to land for ranks the best musical instruments in the world.

The son of Frantisek, Pet Furch, joined the management of FURCH guitars in 2006, combining traditional production with his own field of specialist knowledge-programming the latest CNC production technologies. Petr also took over the management of the research and development department, in which he supervised the development of an innovative complex neck design, a new light concentration pattern, which ensures higher stiffness, and the unique technology of using UV finish, which reduces the thickness of the varnish hardness of the hardness of a more brilliant sound.

In the year in which he celebrated the 30th anniversary, the guitars of Furch had as many as 40 highly specialized employees. The company has once again optimized its portfolio by improving and restructuring guitar models. The structure has been preserved recently. In 2018, the flagship line of Millennium Instruments was replaced by seven new model colors – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and purple – reflecting the development of company technology. In addition, Furch Guitars also offers a new Rainbow series that allows players to choose from 160 functions and combine them in any way to create a really unique instrument.

With over 80 employees, Furch Guitars is now managed by Petr Furch, who still manages the company on the design path and production of top -class instruments. The company produces about 10,000 instruments of the highest quality per year, which are sold on five continents with an extended three -year warranty. As a technology leader in the production of acoustic guitars with premium quality, the FURCH guitar is involved in the constant introduction of new projects and construction features, the use of the latest robotic technologies and the implementation of the result of the reserved study and development in order to further improve the acoustic features of their instruments. High -quality fury guitars best confirm the references from the highest quality musicians, such as Al Di Meola, Suzanne Vega, Per Gessle, Glen Hansard, Calum Graham, Zdenek Bina, Frantisek Cerny and David Koller.

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 115 × 25 × 50 cm

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