Voigt classical guitar e-cut

Curt Claus Voigt classical guitar Classic / cut “e”

Used guitar from 1999 for sale: is in excellent shape, no repairs, no cracks nor serious scrathes. It has some minor marks of use.
The string action is very low as in flamenco guitars but no buzz present. General playability is just avesome.


  • Scale: 650mm
  • Nut: 50mm
  • Top: mountain spruce
  • Body: Grenadillo
  • Neck: cedro
  • Fingerboard: ziricotte
  • Bridge: ziricotte
  • Head plates (both): ziricotte
  • Demo video on request

Curt Claus Voigt

Started an apprenticeship at Marma, Karl Bauer KG, in Markneukirchen. A small manufacture with eight to ten guitar makers and almost all kinds of guitar instruments.

In addition to concert guitars, jazz, hawaiian, electric and bass guitars, but also mandolins and banjos were produced there in many respects. He received further education from his grandfather Kurt Voigt and also from his father Günter Voigt. With guitar builder Hans Zölch, Markneukirchen, C. Cl. Voigt broadened and deepened his knowledge in the field of violin and guitar construction as well as historical instruments.

In 1980 there was a master exam followed by freelance work as a restorer of vintage plucked instruments for museums and private collectors (Grassimuseum Leipzig; Angermuseum Erfurt, Stadtmuseum Meiningen; Dietenheim / Bruneck, South Tyrol, etc. Folklore Museum, etc.) 1988 Acquisition of Kurt Voigt & Sohn from his father and then transferred to Wasserburg am Inn in Upper Bavaria. 1991 and 1994 workshops with Jose L. Romanillos (Spanish guitarist).

Numerous educational and information trips to museums and private collections in order to research the old Spanish guitar (including France, England, Czech Republic, Austria, Italy and Spain).

Voigt manufacture website.

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 120 × 50 × 25 cm

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