Rafal Turkowiak classical guitar 449

Rafal Turkowiak custom double-top concert classical guitar #449

Custom made double-top classical guitar by Rafał Turkowiak. The special inlays are made of Baltic amber and mother of pearls accoridng to customer’s idea. Off-set sound hole and a cut-away make this handmade guitar some special haracter.


Turkowiak custom double-top concert classical guitar #449 specification:

  • first in the world top with a 9th generation ‘WAVE RESONATOR’
  • first in the world back&sides made of tonewood in 4th generation ‘HIGH-TECH PRESS’
  • first in the world 6th generation ‘ACOUSTIC TUBES’ inside the guitar neck (European Patent Office EP 3340231) with natural Baltic amber outlets
  • first in the world ‘SIGMOIDAL’ joint of the sides (European patent no. 008177463-0001)
  • first in the world 2nd generation hand-shaped Flamed African Ebony (Master Grade) Impedance bridge with stiffening wings encrusted with natural bone and natural Baltic amber (European patent no. 008177463-0003)
  • double top – Western Red Cedar (Earth-Salvaged Master Grade) / Old-growth Redwood (bottom)(Master Grade)
  • back & sides made of Black California Walnut Burl with sapwood (Master Grade)
  • elevated fingerboard made of Flamed African Ebony (Master Grade) with 16″ compound radius
  • asymmetric Turkowak neck made of Flamed Sycamore Maple (Master Grade)
  • single offset soundhole, binded with Ebony (Master Grade)
  • ebony smooth arm bevel integrated with the guitar body (Master Grade)
  • headplates made of: front: natural Baltic amber with a hand made logo made of natural mammoth bone in the guitar head; back: Flamed African Ebony (Master Grade)
  • nut made of hand-shaped and polished natural bone, width 52 mm
  • saddle made of hand-shaped, polished and semi-scalloped natural bone
  • highest-quality tuning machines, with ebony buttons and black aluminium rollers with bearings and white mother of pearl screw reinforcements, ratio 18:1
  • African Ebony bindings (Master Grade)
  • heel inlaid with natural Baltic amber crown logo, heel cup made of African Ebony (Master Grade)
  • natural bone side markers dots diameter 1.5 mm at 5, 9 frets and concentric natural bone side markers dots diameter 4 mm at 7, 12 (double) frets inlaid with natural Baltic amber
  • highly-resonant, anti-static varnish (own recipe), hand polished, high-gloss
  • EVO-GOLD (nickel-free)
  • scale length 650 mm
  • extra low strings action
  • cutaway Florentine (sharp)
  • full fingerboard Koi carp inlay made of natural Baltic amber and mother of pearl
  • Carlos VIP Double M sound system with assembly
  • Custom label with dedication

The price includes the guitar, hard case and lifetime warranty guaranteed (details in the warranty card).

The construction of the guitar and the unique inlay were discussed and designed together with the client who wanted to obtain a unique and personalized guitar of great beauty and tone. This guitar was also equipped with the best pickup system money can buy from Juan Carlos: the VIP DM. This system consists of a piezoelectric pickup under the bridge of the guitar and a condenser microphone inside the body of the guitar. Electronic controls allow the piezo/mic sound ratio to be mixed according to the tastes of the musicians and the requirements of the stage.

If you also want to have a custom guitar built especially for you, please contact us. We can discuss the construction (solid or double top, body shape, cutaway) the tonewoods used (our favorites are vavona burl, black walnut burl, amboyna burl, ziricotte, cocobollo). We can talk about decorations such as amber, mother of pearl, mammoth bones. We can also do the stringing in various colors (I especially like red). Recently there is an option to color the amber to green, red or yellow.

It is also possible to make custom acoustic and flamenco guitar. Custom guitars can be made by Mr. Turkowiak or by other luthiers we cooperate with – take a look at “Luthiers” section of our website.

Read more about Rafał and his innovations

Turkowiak Guitars website

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 115 × 50 × 25 cm

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