classical guitar by Rafał Turkowiak

Rafał Turkowiak classical guitar #343 (2020)

This classical guitar represents the newest solutions of this innovative Polish luthier. Its woods, construction and craftsmenship make this guitar look and sound just senasational. Cedar top and ziricotte gives it strong, full and elegant tone.


Classical guitar #343 specification:

  • Solid top – Cedar – Master Grade,
  • Sides and back made of Ziricote with sapwood – Master Grade,
  • Innovative, hand-carved ebony bridge decorated with natural bone and black mother of pearl,
  • Armrest integrated with the soundboard,
  • Raised African ebony fingerboard,
  • Asymmetric neck made of flame sycamore – Master Grade,
  • The first in the world soundboard with the VIII generation “WAVE” type resonator,
  • The world’s first sides and back made of “HIGH-TECH PRESS” third generation resonance wood (improvement of soundboard acoustics),
  • The world’s first neck with 5th generation “ACOUSTIC TUBES” acoustic tubes (lower neck weight and better sound transmission from the nut to the guitar body, audible sound not only from the guitar body but also from the neck. Patent – “Acoustic Tubes” European Patent Office EP 3340231 (A1),
  • The world’s first ‘SIGMOID’ joining the sides of the guitar (increased stiffness),
  • Special chemical-ceramic coating on the back and sides of the guitar in order to better project the sound from the box,
  • Rosette inlaid with natural black mother of pearl and African ebony,
  • African ebony guitar overlays with a natural black mother-of-pearl logo,
  • The nut made of natural bone, manually profiled and polished, 52 mm wide,
  • String made of natural bone, hand-profiled and polished, semi-scalloped,
  • Precise guitar tuners (ebony knobs, bearing mounted black aluminum rollers, screw reinforcements made of white mother of pearl, ratio 18: 1),
  • Ebony stringing,
  • Markers dividing the measure made of natural bone – diameter 1.5 mm for 5, 9 and 3 mm for 7, 12 (double) positions
  • High-resonance, antistatic varnish acc. To own recipe, hand-polished, high-gloss finish,
  • EVO-GOLD frets (nickel-free, improved sound and durability),
  • 650 mm scale,
  • 20 frets
  • Lifetime warranty (details in the warranty card),
  • Guitar hard case.

Read more about Rafał Turkowiak here. 

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 120 × 50 × 25 cm

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