Samuel de Souza classical guitar

Samuel Zamfir de Souza classical guitar #13 (2020)

Samuel Zamfir grew up in Scotland but now is based in Romania. He studied guitar making under master luthier Pablo Requena. Luckily for us (guitarists) although he is a master luthier himself already, he isn’t famous yet so his guitars are quite affordable – but we have a feeling that it won’t last long. This is his cedar and rosewood concert guitar with an armrest.


This Samuel de Souza concert classical guitar was made in 2020, never sold, just arrived straight from the maker. It has tradicionall fan-braced construction.

Specification of classical guitar #13:

  • Soundboard: Cedar
  • Back and sides; Indian Rosewood (very nice and straight grained)
  • Neck; Ceder
  • Head veneer; walnut
  • Fretboard; Ebony
  • Tuners; Gotoch
  • Strings; Savarez high tension
  • Rosette, Bindings, and any decoratio: natural & coloured wood veneers.
  • Bridge; Indian Rosewood
  • Nut: natural bone, 52mm
  • Saddle: natural bone
  • Scale length; 650mm
  • Soundboard finish; French polish
  • Back and sides finish; hand sanded Matte / glossy finish

Read more about Samuel by clicking here.

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 120 × 50 × 25 cm

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