Malinowscy spruce top classical guitar No 110

P.E. Malinowski classical guitar #110 640mm

The Malinowski brothers craft distinctive guitars, and here’s a notable example: a captivating instrument made from cedar and ovangkol, known for its robust and resonant tonality. This guitar has a full, elegant and a bit darker tone.


P.E. Malinowski classical guitar #110 specification:

  • Top: cedar
  • Sides and back: ovangkol
  • Bridge: rosewood
  • Fingerboard: ebony
  • Scale: 540mm
  • Nut: 52mm
  • Hard shell case included
  • Origin: Poland

The luthier workshop of Ernest and Paweł Malinowski in Poland stands as an extraordinary hub where tradition and passion converge to craft distinctive musical instruments. This cadre of skilled luthiers possesses a wealth of experience, translating into the creation of guitars characterized by unparalleled quality. The Malinowski studio offers a diverse range, including classical, acoustic, and 6-string electric guitars—each one a true masterpiece of art.

Every guitar fashioned by Ernest and Paweł Malinowski is the outcome of meticulous hours of labor, precision, and unwavering dedication. For these craftsmen, the essence of a musical instrument lies not only in its sound but also in its aesthetics. The guitar’s soundboard is constructed from solid spruce, ensuring exceptional resonances and a crystal-clear tone. The sides and back showcase the beauty of wavy sycamore, endowing the instrument with not just a unique sound but also an elegant appearance.

Each instrument originating from the Malinowski studio is a unique, handcrafted piece that undergoes careful refinement. It transcends being merely a musical tool; it is a genuine work of art that captivates with both its sound and visual allure. Every note emanating from these guitars represents a blend of harmony and precision achieved only by the finest luthiers.

For music enthusiasts seeking an instrument to stand out on stage or individuals desiring an exceptional sound experience, the guitars crafted by Ernest and Paweł Malinowski stand as the ideal choice. It is an investment in music that promises years of satisfaction and inspiration.

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 115 × 25 × 50 cm

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