Delfina Guitars spruce top classical guitar No 79

Delfina Guitars classical guitar #79

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Classical guitar made by Daniel Garfo – spruce top and rosewood/maple body of great beauty along with nice details make this guitar unique.

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Guitar made by luthier Daniel Garfo (Portugal) working under Delfina Guitars name. Daniel has been making guitars for over 15 years for other workshops and recently decided to star his own brand. Here is his 79th guitar featuring spruce top and body of Honduran Rosewood and Flamed Maple. The guitar has bright, easy to produce, direct sound.

Delfina Guitars classical guitar #79 – spruce and rosewood/maple:

  • Top: European spruce
  • Body: Sides: Honduran Rosewood, Back: Flamed Maple
  • Scale: 650mm
  • Nut:52mm
  • Rosette: Birmania Rosewood
  • Biding: Eucaliptus
  • Body length: 480mm
  • Neck: Cedar, flat oval profile
  • Freatboard: Ebony
  • Number of frets: 19
  • Finish: top – french polish; body – french polish
  • Hard case included

This guitar was displayed on several events and bears some fingernail marks on top (3-5). The price is adjusted.

Delfina United by a shared passion for guitars, music, and aesthetics, a collaboration emerged among a Luthier (Daniel Garfo), a Master woodworker (Marco Gonçalves), and a Designer (João Brandão) to bring this project to life.

Daniel Garfo and Marco Gonçalves represent a new generation of luthiers who deeply grasp how woodworking and soundboard bracing intricacies directly influence the resulting sound. Their ability to manipulate and anticipate the nuances of sound, coupled with a keen focus on design and aesthetics, empowers them to craft guitars of world-class quality.

The daily workings of the workshop feature Daniel Garfo as the master Luthier, Marco Gonçalves as the skilled woodcrafter, and David Almeida as the apprentice, who already possesses a considerable amount of knowledge.

Nestled in the heart of Alentejo, Portugal, amidst the picturesque countryside adorned with olive and cork trees, sheep, and various wildlife, the workshop serves as the backdrop for their creative endeavors.

Portugal boasts a rich tradition in guitar craftsmanship, with distinct types such as the guitarra portuguesa, guitarra campaniça, guitarra beirã, and cavaquinho, among others. It’s worth noting that the first guitars known to exist were invented in Portugal in the 1500s by Belchior Dias Vihuela from Lisbon. Additionally, the oldest known guitar book was dedicated to King John III of Portugal. The dissemination of the guitar to the world occurred during the Portuguese discoveries.

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Dimensions 115 × 25 × 50 cm

1 in stock

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