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Innovations and design
rafał tuirkowiak in his workshop


Turkowiak Rafał, born in 1966 in Gołanice, Poland, into a family skilled in craftsmanship, inherited his passion for instrument building and luthiery from his father, a carpenter, and his grandfather, a wheelwright, who instilled in him a deep appreciation for woodworking.

When he was fifteen, he swiftly completed a three-year program in classical guitar at a primary music school within six months. Motivated by the disassembly of an old instrument, he crafted his inaugural classical guitar two years later, featuring innovative elements such as a resonance hole and an original top plate incorporating what he termed “air-suspended girders.” His mastery of this beautiful instrument further ignited Rafał Turkowiak’s devotion to the guitar.

Over nearly four decades of dedicated research in guitar construction, refining the classic guitar’s tonal quality led to the successful development of a groundbreaking soundboard. This unconventional design, featuring a distinctive “WAVE” resonator, elevates Rafał Turkowiak to the ranks of premier guitar craftsmen. Employed in concert, flamenco, and acoustic guitars, this construction represents a pinnacle of his artistry. Additionally, he innovated the world’s first classical and flamenco guitars with a resonant tube embedded within the neck, alongside a bridge featuring through holes for acoustic guitars. Musicians revel in the sheer joy of playing these original instruments crafted by the skilled hands of luthier artist Rafał Turkowiak.

Since 2007, Rafał Turkowiak has held membership in both the Guild of American Luthiers and the Association of American Luthiers.

Acustic tubes

The main principle is better than in a traditional guitar, sound transmission from the nut through the neck at the guitar body. The neck, thanks to the use of specialist material, obtains incredible acoustic properties and is much stiffer. Inside the neck, acoustic pressure finds its outlet through the visible holes situated after the 12th fret. The neck creates a supportive resonant area.

Longer sustain

A guitar’s sustain with Acoustic Tubes is up to 20% longer*
*compared to the same exact neck made in a traditional way.

Better sound transmission

Thanks to the use of specialist material sound transmission from the nut to the guitar body is much faster.

Increased stiffness

Using innovative material assures durability to deformations caused by string tension.

Reduced mass

The Acoustic Tubes creation process allows for a significant reduction of the neck’s mass.

lenght of guitar sustain

Acustic tubes in flamenco guitar

As the strings in flamenco guitar have to be very close to the top the use of elevated fretboard is not possible. In this case Acoustic Tubes in Turkowiak flamenco guitar has its openings under the fretboard, next to the sound hole as showed on the picture.

flamenco guitar by Rafał Turkowiak acoustic tube
acoustic tubes
classical guitar resonan area
classical guitar resonan area with wave resonator

"wave" resonator

This unique construction inside the guitar, the only one like it in the World, was made to counteract string tension. The resonator is made from highly-resonant wood, which further strengthens the WAVE effect. These innovations lighten the bridge so that it can fulfill its function much better by transporting energy more efficiently at the resonant board.


Tension counteraction


The specific construction of the WAVE type resonator acquires tension in the soundboard, which leads to increased vibration frequencies.
Enlarged resonant area

About 20% increase in the resonant area thanks to the special construction of the WAVE type resonator.


Highly resonant wood


The WAVE type resonator was made from the highest quality Alpine Spruce from Tirol, which gives the guitars a natural, classical sound.


Reduced bridge


A smaller size bridge is used, which gives the guitars a reduced mass and allows for effortless soundboard vibrations.

High-Tech Press

Due to the connection of the highest-quality exotic wood with resonant wood and the use of specialist processing, the distinguished acoustic properties of the material are achieved. The process of creation gives many changes in the acoustic properties. The technology is used at the back and sides. In addition, the guitar back is parabolically curved (like that of a violin).
Increased acoustic properties

The guitar made at High-Tech Press has about 15-20% increased acoustic properties*
*(compared to the same instrument made in a traditional way)


Focused sound


The parabolic shape ‘focuses’ the projection of the sound


Strengthened construction


The parabolic shape improves rigidity.


Unique sound


Innovative technology achieves unrepeatable sound advantages by raising the resonant frequency


Increased sustain

high press technilogy - back of the guitar
acoustic guitar bridge

Bridge with Drilled Holes

Through this special construction, the bridge’s mass has been significantly reduced, which positively affects the sound propagation at the guitar body. An openwork construction allows for equal distribution of force and majorly reduced tensions in the soundboard.


Increased endurance


The construction enables the same endurance properties at a significantly reduced mass.


Reduced mass and dimensions


Reduction of the mass and dimensions allows for easier vibration of the soundboard.


Unique design


The holes give the bridge a unique look.




The pinless construction helps maintain the integrity of the top by eliminating the need for six drilled string holes. The fewer holes in your soundboard, the more evenly the sound wave can move across the interior, without any loss of energy. In addition, changing the strings is much quicker, and you will never again have to worry about lost, worn-out, or broken bridge pins.

Turkowiak guitar with sigmoidal joint

Sigmoidal sides joint

Sigmoidal joint of the guitar sides makes the tensions of the guitar be better distributed over the guitar construction. 

This increases the overall stability and makes the guitar more resistant to changes in tensions values.

This also gives the guitar a unique look, which clearly shows that there is something innovative about the construction of the guitar.

Turkowiak classical guitar with offset soundhole

Offset soundhole

Offset soundhole construction allow the top of the guitar to vibrate more compared to standard Torres design by 48% as the area which vibrates is increased by 35%. 


This solution also brings the sound more into the side of the player like when soundport is adopted to the side ot the guitar. Here there is no need of drilling any additional holes in the guitar side. 

Resonant area of turkowiak guitar comparison
new Turkowiak armrest

Floating armrest

Introducing the new Turkowiak armrest, designed to unleash the full vibrating potential of your classical guitar’s soundboard. This solution is connected to the top of the guitar at only two points, eliminating the dampening of vibrations. For even greater comfort, an adjustable option is available, allowing the player to adjust the height of the armrest according to their preference.

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