Turkowiak double-top classical guitar No 522

Turkowiak double-top classical guitar #522 Black Diamond (2023) ex Mak Grgić

Black Diamond tier double-top clasical guitar used by a real pro player Mak Grgić ready for more big hall performances.


This guitar was used by Mak Grgić all around the world last year – was examined and repolished by Mr Turkowiak himself and now is ready for more serious playing and covered with full warranty – great opportunity.

“Black Diamond” stands for the highest level of guitars made by Mr Turkowiak.

Turkowiak double-top classical guitar #522 (2023) specification:

• double top – Western Red Cedar (Master Grade)
• back & sides made of Highly-figured California Black Walnut Burl (Master Grade)
• elevated fingerboard made of African Ebony (Master Grade)
• asymmetric Turkowiak shape neck made of Flamed Sycamore Maple (Master Grade)
• central soundhole with natural Baltic amber plates and two natural mammoth bone crown logos
• Ebony smooth arm bevel integrated with the guitar body
• double natural Baltic amber headplates with a hand made logo made of natural mammoth bone inlaid with 3 natural black diamonds
• nut made of hand-shaped and polished and semi-scalloped natural bone, width 52 mm
• Saddle made of hand-shaped, polished and semi-scalloped natural bone
• highest-quality Gold ARTuners Turkowiak tuning machines, with ebony buttons and black aluminium rollers with bearings, black wood screw inlay, ratio 18:1, with engravings
• African Ebony bindings (Master Grade)
• natural mammoth bone side markers dots diameter 2 mm at 5, 9 and concentric diameter 4 mm at 7, 12 (double) fret – inlaid with natural Baltic amber
• highly-resonant, anti-static varnish (own recipe), hand polished, high-gloss
• EVO-GOLD (nickel-free) fretwire
• scale length 650 mm
• Hannabach 1869 24Ct Gold-plates Pure Silver Carbon medium-high tension strings


Technical data:
• first in the world top with a 11th generation ‘WAVE RESONATOR’
• first in the world back&sides made of tonewood in 7th generation ‘HIGH-TECH PRESS’
• first in the world 8th generation ‘ACOUSTIC TUBES’ inside the guitar neck (European Patent Office EP 3340231) with natural Baltic amber outlets
• first in the world ‘SIGMOIDAL’ joint of the sides (European patent no. 008177463-0001)
• first in the world Amber HeadLight (European patent no. 015015727-0001)
• innovative, hand-shaped 2nd generation African Ebony (Master Grade) Impedance bridge with stiffening wings encrusted with natural bone and natural Baltic amber (European patent no. 008177463-0003)

The price includes the guitar, brand hard case and lifetime warranty guaranteed (details in the warranty card).

Read more about Rafał and his innovations

Turkowiak Guitars website

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 25 × 50 × 115 cm

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