Francisco Gil

Spanish Tradition
Francisco Gil classical guitar construction

Franciso Gil in his workshop

Francisco’s workshop is loated in La Zubia, a town very close to the city of Granada, just 2 km away.

His passion for Luthery, or as they like to call ourselves in Spain, guitarreros, comes from a long time ago. For years he has been combining work as a factory ingeneer with the construction of guitars. He started with making ukuleles until he made a big leap with classical guitars. He studied guitar making under Carlos Juan Busquiel, Oscar Muñoz and others…

Respect for tradition

And now it is his passion and my way of life. His guitars are light and comfortable to play, with a traditional sound from Granada. Although he makes flamenco guitars to order, he specialises in classical guitars as he has been playing classical guitar since he was a child. The construction Francisco uses is traditional and the guitars are completely handmade, as Francisco’s personal philosophy is to not use electrical machinery to be faithful to tradition, and based on the standards set by Antonio de Torres.
Francisco Gil classical guitar construction

Guitars by Francisco soon available...

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