Double-top guitar construction

what does it mean?

Turkowiak double-top classical guitar

What is it?

A double-top classical or acoustic guitar (also called “composite top” or “sandwich top” is a type of guitar that features a guitar top made of two layers of tonewood (same kind or different) separated by material like nomex ( a kevlar polymer, manufactured in a honeycomb pattern, originally developed for the aviation industry), balsa wood or other (sometimes being a secret of the guitarmaker) this way that, there are many empty (air filled) spaces. Such guitars were pioneered by German Luthiers Gernot Wagner and Mathias Damman.

Double-top is not as thin as lattice braced top and behaves, acoustically speaking, much more like a traditional solid top guitar.

The purpose of this concept is to increase the amount of sound energy that is emitted from the guitar’s soundboard, without increasing the weight of the guitar. This results in a guitar that has a louder, more responsive sound and improved projection. Additionally, the use of a double top can also help to improve the overall stability of the guitar, as the additional layer of material helps to stiffen the soundboard and reduce the risk of warping or cracking.

Turkowiak double-top guitar lit from inside - visible spacers.

Double-top guitar construction

The construction of this kind of guitar top is a complex and time-consuming process, and it requires a high level of skill and expertise. The lamination process must be done with precision and care, as the slightest misalignment or imperfection can have a negative impact on the guitar’s sound and structural integrity. Additionally, the bracing and internal construction of a double-top guitar must also be carefully designed and executed to ensure that the guitar is both structurally sound and acoustically optimal.

Overall, a double-top classical guitar is a high-end instrument that offers many benefits over a traditional single-top guitar, including improved sound, projection and stability.


Who makes double-top classical guitars?

Several guitar makers construct double-top classical guitars, some of the well-known luthiers and companies that construct double-top classical guitars are:

Gernot Wagner: He is a German luthier who is considered one of the pioneers of the double-top guitar construction. He is known for his high-quality double-top guitars and his unique approach to the construction process.

Rafał Turkowiak – an innovative polish luthier.

David Skolnick: He is an American luthier who has been building double-top guitars for many years. His guitars are known for their excellent sound and craftsmanship.

– GSI (Guitar Salon International): They are one of the most well-known distributors of double-top guitars, representing several luthiers and brands that construct double-top classical guitars.

Dario D’Attis: He’s an Italian luthier, who is known for his high-quality double-top guitars.

Daniel Friederich: He is a French luthier who is considered one of the leading makers of double-top guitars. His guitars are known for their exceptional sound quality and craftsmanship.

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