Amalio Burguet

family of luthiers
Amalio Burguet

A life dedicated to making guitars.

Amalio Burguet from Valencia has been running his own workshop in Catarroja for over 50 years. Tirelessly and constantly looking for a way to make the best guitars.

Amalio Burguet was born in Catarroja, a small village near sunny Valencia city in 1951. By working in various workshops from an early age, he developed a great ability to create guitars. It one of those wrkshops he created his first guitar in 1966 and withing time became an expert in guitarmaking.

However, he admired the guitars, which were entirely handcrafted, handcrafted in a one-man workshop. Soon he resumed his music studies, spent years at the conservatory, and began to delve into the most technical aspects. This included deeper processing of materials, especially woodworking and building processes.
In 1984 he realized his dream and opened his own workshop in Catarroja. Here he applies what he has learned to create innovative, high quality handcrafted guitars that are accessible to everyone – students and professionals alike. In short, Amalio is the alma mater of a small family workshop. Dedicated his life to crafting the instrument he was obsessed with: the Spanish guitar.

Family, a team committed to the same goal

Amalio Burguet’s hands turn wood into pure art. More than three decades of knowledge applied in practice. The knowledge he passed on to his children in his little workshop, which has now become a family business. His two children Vanessa and Damian complete the circle. They are both worthy heirs to the knowledge and cares of Amalio, an excellent ensemble in a constant search for perfection in the development of this unique instrument.

They build concert classical guitara as well as handmade flamenco negra and blanca guitars. 

Amalio and Damian Burguet
Amalio Burguet

Amalio Burguet

A whole life devoted to perfecting the craftsmanship and innovation of his obsessed instrument, the Spanish Guitar.

Damian Burguet

Luther and heir to his father’s obsession with guitar making. Always learner, with a strong personality, which is reflected in designing his own models.
Damian Burguet at work
Vanessa Burguet with a classical guitar

Vanessa Burguet

She issues her expertise and supervises all projects, every little detail of each model and its processing. She is the most visible face of Burguet and will advise and inform you of anything you want to know.


More about Burguet family:https://www.burguet.com/english/historia/

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